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Help India’s financial capital beat Coronavirus

Setting up aggressive screening camps, where people are medically checked for COVID-19 symptoms before being tested, is the first critical step to stop the spread of the virus, say experts. In Mumbai, with the highest number of cases and deaths in India, this is the urgent need of the hour - especially now that the lockdown has lifted.

Municipal authorities have already found this strategy successful in Dharavi, Asia's largest slum, and are running several mobile clinics for screening. But with the size of Mumbai's population and cases surging, all possible help is required for India's financial capital - which we are all connected to - to get through this crisis.

Having years of experience working in grassroots healthcare, our NGO partner Doctors For You has set up Mobile Medical Units in Mumbai, targeting the most densely populated areas of Mankhurd, Sanjay Nagar, Govandi, etc.

Screening precedes testing and would involve checking for symptoms and high-risk factors such as travel history and contact with known Covid-19 positive persons, among other things. As the whole population can’t be tested, screening allows for many more people to be checked by a health professional. And more people that are screened, more potential carriers of the disease are identified, making it easier to isolate the spreaders and flatten the curve of infections.

What is a Mobile Medical Unit?

  • A mobile team of a doctor, a nurse and a health assistant.
  • The team will screen people for symptoms, refer further investigation if needed.
  • Team will either conduct house to house screening drives or establish camps in various locations to reach more people.
  • A team can screen around 300 people per day and will be operational 24 days a month.

One Mobile Medical Unit costs ₹5.6 lakh per month. Your contribution can help Mumbai fight Covid-19 with faster screening processes.


GiveIndia's partner NGO shall work with COVID-19 specific hospitals in Mumbai

Through the Mobile Medical Units, up to 300 individuals shall be screened daily in identified high-risk containment zones, especially in slums - support-families 4th icon

The symptomatic patients at risk of COVID-19 will be taken to the hospitals for testing and further treatment

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How you can help


One-time purchase of medical equipment


Per day cost of 11 staff - doctors, nurse, health assistants and program coordinator


Per day cost of medicines + running costs of ambulance, driver and fuel


Per day cost of PPE kits, masks, gloves & face shields


Medical treatment at the doorstep

Reduced waiting time for screening COVID-19 as well as unrelated symptoms

Identifying & isolating potential spreaders early

Reduce load on overcrowded hospitals

Quicker diagnosis

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